Patient Care – Specialist Knee Surgeons in Birmingham, Worcester, Droitwich, and Bromsgrove

Do I need a GP referral?

It is likely that you have been referred by your GP or a health professional; however it is not necessary and it is just as simple to come to Droitwich Knee Clinic directly – we will even inform your GP for you. When you contact us we will arrange a consultation for you to visit one of our specialists, no long waiting times and to suit you at your earliest convenience. The simple pricing structure will be explained to you during your appointment, and an early diagnosis and expert opinion will be assured, followed by a detailed treatment plan.

Similarly if you are using private health cover, although it is preferential for the Insurance Company to have a GP referral first, you may book your appointment to us prior to the referral being sent, just keep the company informed.



The consultant orthopaedic surgeons at Droitwich Knee Clinic are highly skilled specialists with many conservative treatments at their disposal to treat your condition if surgery is not necessary. Treatments include:

  • Anti-inflammatory injections to reduce swelling and pain
  • Joint lubricants to aid lubrication and viscosity
  • Physiotherapy to judge the need for surgery or to cure the problem
  • Stabilising or offloading braces

If surgery is the most suitable option for you, and or conservative measures have failed to provide sufficient improvement, rest assured you will be in the safe hands of experienced specialist surgeons with renowned reputations and will be offered the very best of modern treatments. We have close links with the local Spire Southbank hospital, the BMI Droitwich Spa hospital and a number of hospitals in Birmingham, where surgical procedures are regularly performed by our surgeons. Whichever hospital you chose to have your surgery you can be assured of:

  • State-of-the-art operating theatres with laminar flow for joint replacement surgery
  • Single occupancy comfortable en-suite rooms
  • Strict infection control procedures
  • Excellent staff care for your comfort and wellbeing

For a fast, expert diagnosis of your problem please contact us