Fitness tips to keep you skiing this winter – Specialist Knee Surgeons in Birmingham, Worcester, Droitwich, and Bromsgrove

It is that time of year again when a number of enthusiasts and beginners start heading to the slopes equipped with their ski or snowboarding gear and hope to survive the holiday without any damages! Last season saw the first increase in a number of years, so it would appear that the ski industry is back by popular demand.

Skiing is an intensive activity and so pre-season exercises are hugely important, particularly for infrequent skiers or those returning to the sport after a long break. It requires a great deal of stamina to endure the repeated activity during a long period of time; even the falls become exhaustive!
Preparation is therefore vital and training prior to the trip will enable the body to cope with the demands about to be placed upon it. The body needs time to adapt to the physical demands and by preparing correctly you will reduce your chances of any injury. If you are generally unfit and have weak muscles, sadly your time on the slopes will be limited due to sheer fatigue.

Physiotherapy @ DKC, Droitwich, has helped many skiers and snow boarders over the years and due to its close working relationship with Droitwich Knee Clinic, it is also safe to say they are somewhat experts in this arena. So much so they have put together a quick tips guide on how to make the most of your ski trip and advance your skills. The following 5 elements are vital to gaining optimum ski fitness;

Cardiovascular fitness
• Leg strength
• Core strength
• Balance
• Agility

  • Cardiovascular fitness: This is the ability of your heart and lungs to cope with the demands of intense, repeated and prolonged exercise. Exercises such as skipping, cycling, running, rowing and even roller blading. These exercises should be performed for approximately 30 minutes three times per week.
  • Leg strength: The muscles at the front of your thigh (the quadriceps) are the main muscles used whilst skiing. Training involves challenging those muscles to lift weight or control body weight for a progressive number of repetitions over time. This will also help your endurance, enabling you to endure ski runs and repeat this many times.
  • Core strength: A strong core (trunk) improves your general stability thus allowing other muscles to work more efficiently. A great exercise to improve your core is the Plank, over repeated time you will be able to hold your plank for longer and ultimately strengthen your core.
  • Balance: Having good control of your body and limbs will help to minimise the amount of times your fall over.
  • Agility: This will help you to adapt to swift changes in direction, something inevitable when you are on the ski slope.If you are unfortunate and encounter an acute ski injury, such as a ligament sprain, it is essential to follow the PRICE principles for the first 48-72 hours after the injury. The aim during this time frame, is to control the amount of swelling to the injured area, prevent further injury, and reduce pain. Following these principles can effectively reduce the amount of swelling in an injured area thereby reducing the amount of time required for rehabilitation. If however, there are signs or of a serious injury, you must immediately seek emergency first aid help.Physiotherapy @ DKC has a vast experience in treating sporting injuries and may be all that is required to get you back to your usual activities; however, should you have a more serious knee or shoulder injury, our specialist Consultants are on hand to help with accurate diagnosis, advice and surgery if necessary.Following a recent move, the clinic is now situated within The Spire Clinic, Droitwich Spa, conveniently located on the Worcester Road in the centre of town. The new location allows both specialties to continue to provide a personal service ensuring patients have the most effective outcome. Droitwich Knee Clinic is the oldest specialist knee clinic in the country, also specialising in shoulders. The Physiotherapy team however, are able to provide a wide range of treatments for all complaints.Physiotherapy @ DKC is currently offering a unique half price package to include assessment, initial treatment session, advice and relevant reporting.