Mr. Mark Foster BSc, (Hons), MChS Biomechanical Podiatrist – Specialist Knee Surgeons in Birmingham, Worcester, Droitwich, and Bromsgrove

Specialising in the conservative treatment of lower limb problems using a combination of Orthotics, (Bespoke insoles for your shoes), Mobilisation/Manipulation of joints from the knee down and Podiatric Acupuncture and Trigger Point release for pain relief.  Biomechanics may be able to help you with:

  • Foot Pain: including Heel pain, Bunion Joint pain, Forefoot pain, Arch Pain and Ankle pain.
  • Lower Leg Pain: including Shin Splints, Calf pain and Achilles Tendinitis.
  • Knee Pain: most knee pain will have some degree of biomechanical element and if your Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon feels that this is a predominant factor in your case, may recommend that you have a review to rule this in or out.
  • Lower Back Pain: if your posture is poor, then you will very probably have back pain. Where does most poor posture originate? You guessed it, at the feet. Ask your back specialist if they think you could benefit from this type of treatment.

Qualifications and courses attended:
2000 BSc (Hons), 1st Class Podiatry
2001 RX Laboratories Advanced Orthotic Prescription Writing
2002 RX Laboratories Paediatrics Biomechanics
2003-2005 RX Labs Biomechanics Summer Schools
2004 Talar Made Labs “At risk Foot” and “Pathology Specific Assessment and Treatment”
2005 Advanced Podiatric Therapies
2006 Podiatric Acupuncture Certificate

A Biomechanical Assessment will involve a very careful examination of the way you walk, the range of motion at different joints and the angular relationship of one joint to another. A range of options are available for treatment including all those listed in the paragraph above. If it is thought that orthotics will be necessary then plaster casts are taken of the feet and sent away to a laboratory. Once there, a full replica of the feet is made and according to this and the prescription sent, a pair of bespoke orthotics is made, specific to the individual patient. These will then be fitted at a follow up appointment.