DKC Mission Statement – Specialist Knee Surgeons in Birmingham, Worcester, Droitwich, and Bromsgrove

Mission Statement

Our mission is to treat every single patient with respect and dignity, to listen carefully to their problems and give the appropriate advice regarding the management of their problem seeing the treatment through till the return to to his / her desired level of previous activity whenever possible.

What we do and what we believe in?

“The patient doesn’t care how much the surgeon knows until he knows how much he cares.”

S. Terry Canale

 The above statement by an eminent American Orthopaedic surgeon best describes the attitude of the Droitwich Knee Clinic (DKC) over its long history.

DKC is not just a private medical facility where the surgeon rents a room to consult in and book the patient for surgery. It is set in its own purpose built premises, which is an extension of the Droitwich Spa Hospital. We look at our role as looking after the patient as a whole, not just treating his medical condition but managing and caring for him/her, usually until he manages to get back to his previous level of sporting activity, when possible. Our multi-disciplinary team including experienced specialist physiotherapists, a biomechanical podiatrist and a non resident sports physician ensure the patient is cared for in whatever way his condition requires. As almost half of our patients are referred from outside our local area, we can often arrange a one stop policy for most investigations.  This includes a state of the art MRI service next door at the WIC, X ray facilities at the DSH and dynamic isokinetic, ligament muscle and functional testing in our unique physio/gym area. We also have rapid access to other disciplines next door at the DSH including rheumatology services and a pain clinic.

Until recently our physiotherapists used to be able to access the unique Droitwich Brine pool facility for hydrotherapy, under the same roof next door at the DSH which was extremely useful for postoperative physiotherapy. It is well known that DKC have been leading efforts to re-open the brine pool on site and is in constant touch with Wychavon District Council, the SOBBS group and of course DSH as well as a number of other interested parties and investors. We do hope this will come to fruition very soon.

By the nature of the clinic, patients who are referred from far and wide, often require physiotherapy nearer to their home address. We work with a network of physiotherapists up and down the country and usually arrange the referrals personally. We believe in good communication and the patient can see the difference when his surgeons and physios communicate closely and work together to get the best possible outcome for their common patients. Many of these physiotherapists have attended our hands on courses and lectures run by the Knee Foundation over many years.

Cotswold Physiotherapy Centre

The Haddon Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

Studley Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

The Taft Physiotherapy Practice

Witty Pask and Buckingham

Our clinic nurses also provide the same level of highly professional caring attitude the DKC has fostered and garnered over the years. Our nurses will often not only answer patients’  questions but often call them regularly helping tide them through difficult postoperative periods with advice on wound care pain control and many other aspects.

We also work with a network of other local specialists such as at the Joint Clinic in Droitwich, where local referrals can be arranged quite often at very short notice. The stress is always on providing the patient with specialist care for whatever subspecialty is required, when not available @ DKC itself. With this ‘old fashioned’ almost family doctor attitude, we have made friends with generations of so many wonderful patients, who are usually impressed with the level of care given.

Patient Testimonials

Our support staff are next to none in providing the same excellent service that completes the patient experience. This includes reception staff , whose almost legendary efficiency over the years have arranged often complex appointments involving tying in patient appointments with their surgeons, physiotherapists and other tests, thus making the one stop policy a reality, let alone theatre booking always focusing on the patient’s needs and meeting his/her requirements in terms of preferred dates.

We communicate with GP’s regularly regarding our patient’s care and pride ourselves in the excellent secretarial and administrative support often resulting in turnaround time of 24 hours for the patient’s letters to be sent to their GP’s or physios (often same day).

Our accounts department  is also very helpful with patients’ questions and queries regarding their bills and often have to liaise with their insurance companies on their behalf and indeed the accounts department of the hospital they have surgery at regarding their bills.

We firmly believe in service with a smile

Our patient questionnaires on a regular basis produce excellent satisfaction with comments about the above ‘personal’ attitude regarding our patient’s total experience. Our latest CQC report  reflects the same .

Our surgeons, physiotherapists and other professionals are all recognised by all insurance companies. We operate within BUPA rates.  In the current climate of management led health services, we tend to flinch at the attitude and language circulated in health service documents and guidelines. We fear that good old fashioned patient care has been forgotten in this ‘market led’ environment. As part of the DKC mission, we feel we are often an island of good old fashioned values where the patient is not treated as a ‘service user’ or customer and the Clinic a ‘service provider’. They are patients who have come to us for help with often very difficult problems. We do our level best to provide them with the humane personal care we have become known for.

In this context we agree with Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman:

The idea that doctors are just ‘providers’ selling services to health care ‘consumers’ is sickening and 

the prevalence of this kind of language is a sign that something has gone very wrong not just with 

the discussion but with our society’s values