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Physiotherapists Change Lives

A complete Physiotherapy Service for all your needs not just your knees!

The Droitwich Knee Clinic Chartered Physiotherapists have 22 years ‘hands on’ experience of treating of all kinds of musculoskeletal disorders; they have worked closely with the Consultants for many years. The Clinic is unique in this special relationship which offers a more complete service to our patients.

Our physiotherapists strongly believe in good post-operative rehabilitation and ensure that their patients are capable of returning to the activities they enjoy. This is achieved by continuous assessment, appropriate exercise prescription and sports specific training. To this end they have various tests at their disposal including computerised isokinetic muscle testing.

Not all problems require surgery and our physiotherapists are experienced at discussing problems and after a thorough examination deciding the appropriate course of action and treatment.

As specialists in their field they receive direct referrals from GPs, Consultants and other health professionals. Self referral after a recommendation from a friend is often how patients make their first appointment.

We have all the modern technology needed to assess and treat your specific needs:

  • Kincom Isokinetic  muscle strength and endurance testing
  • KT2000 arthrometer for cruciate ligament assessment.
  • Back-up facilities of x-ray, MRI scanner and Specialist orthopaedic consultants
  • Immediate appointments in emergency situations.

Their aim is to:

  • Improve knee function and mobility
  • Reduce debilitating pain
  • Delay or prevent the need for future surgery
  • Back to pre-injury sporting fitness

Rehabilitation after surgery is a vital and sometimes undervalued part of recovery.

Our physiotherapist’s can help you reach your maximum potential following your knee operation.

  • Post-operative physiotherapy packages offered following surgery with the NHS or other hospitals
  • Most beneficial after complex surgery: Knee Replacement; anterior cruciate ligament; microfracture; osteotomy; patello-femoral re-alignment.

First consultations are usually up to one hour and subsequent appointments up to ½ hour. A programme of physiotherapy may be started, or if necessary, you can be referred to a consulting specialist in the appropriate field.  Your GP will be kept informed of your treatment at all times.

We accept self-referral and GP referral to our department. If you have health insurance please obtain authorisation for treatment.

For a fast, expert diagnosis of your knee problem, contact us:

Droitwich Knee Clinic, The Spire Clinic, 29 Worcester Road, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 8AA

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