Case Study – Matthew Stephens – Specialist Knee Surgeons in Worcester, Droitwich, Birmingham and Bromsgrove

Case Study – Matthew Stephens

During a football match in September 2001 I badly ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). After receiving standard NHS treatment, I was then told that all I had to do was build the quads up and that would support the knee. Knowing that this was not the answer and having to deal with the pain, I contested with them asking for further investigation and surgery, but was told I would have to go on a waiting list for 18 months and they then may still not be prepared to reconstruct my left knee. As an active young man, and at only 24 years old I failed to believe that this was the only answer and that my sporting days could be over, so following a recommendation from a work colleague, who had a similar injury, I visited Droitwich Knee Clinic. Living in Redditch at the time, in February 2002 I visited the clinic for an initial assessment and MRI scan. Just two months later knee specialist Mr. El Shazly completed an ACL re-construction. Following the operation, I received individual rehabilitation from the on-site physiotherapy team which was of a much higher standard than I could have expected.

The quality of service received at the clinic was exceptional, and although I am not a professional athlete, I felt I received the service expected of one.

After undergoing a 9 month rehabilitation programme, I was signed off from the physiotherapy team in January 2003. Since then, although no longer playing football, I have 100% fitness. Instead of football however I took up long distance running, and have since completed 6 half marathons, and finished the London Marathon in 2013! In addition I am a keen road cyclist and have achieved 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
The reason for this is all down to Droitwich Knee Clinic, I could not be doing what I do today without them. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.