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About Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapy team has more than 50 years combined of unrivalled expertise working with all types of musculoskeletal problems. We provide a unique service with comprehensive assessment, treatment and full rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on maintaining an ‘old fashioned’ hands on approach. Treatments may include any of the following, if appropriate and at the physiotherapists’ discretion:

  • Progressive exercise
  • Mobilisation
  • Specific soft tissue massage
  • Postural and biomechanical correction
  • Electrotherapy & acupuncture


Prompt diagnosis and correct management of your injury will ensure a speedy recovery and rapid return to the activities you enjoy. Our physio team will help you through the early phase of recovery before guiding you with progressive exercise until you are fully fit. A premature return to strenuous activity before you are fully recovered can be detrimental, however tempting it may be. We will ensure you are ready to cope before you over-stretch yourself.


We all get niggles, aches and pains occasionally and optimistically think they will get better. Many do of course, but ignoring them for too long can allow them to become chronic injuries and much more difficult to resolve. It goes without saying, the sooner you seek help, the quicker you will recover.
It’s possible you may have a muscle pull, or a tendon or ligament sprain. All of these can be resolved with appropriate treatment, and expert advice from our team can help to prevent a recurrence of your injury.


Surgery alone will not automatically allow you to return to your normal activity levels. Correctly staged, progressive rehabilitation is essential to regain maximum potential and to prevent secondary stiffness or on-going weakness.
Our primary aim is for you to be pain-free, as mobile as possible and to return to your normal lifestyle. Whether it is playing football, playing a regular round of golf, getting to the office for work or simply getting to the shops easily, we can help you achieve your goal!


First consultations are usually up to one hour and subsequent appointments up to ½ hour. A programme of physiotherapy may be started, or if necessary, you can be referred to a consulting specialist in the appropriate field. Your GP will be kept informed of your treatment at all times.

We accept self-referral and GP referral to our department. If you have health insurance please obtain authorisation for treatment. Physiotherapy packages are offered following surgery with the NHS or other hospitals.



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